Beef shank recipe

credit to: The Survival Podcast

Heat a thin layer of lard in a dutch oven.
Season beef shank with salt, pepper and a dusting of flour.
Brown outside.
Slice onion into 1/4″ thick rings. Make a bed of onions in the dutch oven and place beef on top.
Add a few garlic cloves and chopped celery.
Bake @ 300 F for 1 hour.

Chop potatoes, boil 2-3 minutes, drain, cool.
Chop carrots.
Combine potatoes and carrots with bay leaf into dutch oven.
Bake another 2 hours at 300 F.

Remove vegetables from dutch oven.
Melt 2t butter and combine with 2T flour, 1 cup red wine.
Drizzle over beef.
Cook additional 1 hour.
Serve with rosemary on potatoes, sage on carrrots, pepper on beef.

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